We have now reached our target on the Tesco Backit campaign. Thank you for your support!

You can read our feature on how we are trying to help foodwaste with the Tesco Campaign from The Grocer article here.

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Shortlisted for the Food & Drink Federation Awards 2016


"Hummus went down an absolute treat - everyone loved it! They really couldn’t have gone down better here -consistency and texture is perfect" RudeHealth Team

 "Love what you are doing" Thomasina Miers

"The Hummus was absolutely delicious, everyone LOVED it, thank you so much. Office favourite is definitely the carrot one, great flavour" OPPO Team

"Everyone went NUTS!! They're absolutely delicious! It all went in one lunch... ALL of it!" Propercorn Team

"My boyfriend & I destroyed your hummus last night :) And I truly would love to support your company. Your cause & idea behind ChicP are so inspirational & I believe the future like within companies like yours" CopeActive "Funnily enough everyone in the team had a different favourite :) I'm crazy about the Green ones but there was something to please everyone" Liz @ Content Magazine 

"Cheers for the hummus today, sold out super quick and everyone was buzzing off it!! Must do it again soon!" DashWater

With Soffles Pitta Chips 'Ah the combination of all the flavours, that was like a roast dinner" MonkiGras Event