SPINACH: is wonderful for glowing skin, digestion, hormones and strong bones. The plant also helps restore energy, increase vitality and improve the quality of the blood.

Chilli is good for digestion and detoxing. It contains up to seven times the vitamin C level of an orange and helps to relieve migraines and muscle, joint and nerve pain. 

CHILLI: Chilli contains up to seven times the vitamin C level of an orange and has a range of health benefits, including fighting sinus congestion, aiding digestion and helping to relieve migraines and muscle, joint and nerve pain. It's also a good source of vitamins A and E, beta-carotene, folic acid and potassium.


PARSLEY: Contains high levels of apigenin which helps prevent tumours that can develop in Breast Cancer. Apigenin blocks the creation of new blood vessels required for tumours to grow and multiply.

OREGANO: Helps fight inflammation.

THYME: Thyme has lots of antioxidants. It has an ability to fight off disease-causing free radicals in our body. Thyme is also a very good source of vitamins A and C, as well as iron and dietary fibre.

SAGE: A superb antioxidant, reduces inflammation and aids brain function. Also extends shelf life!

MARJORAM: Helps digestion by calming the stomach and digestive system. Improves appetite, relieves nausea, stress & anxiety & is anti-inflammatory.

CHIVES: Loads of healthy Vitamins, especially Vitamin A and K. Good Anti-Oxidant.


CARROT: Loads of vitamin A (plays a vital role in bone growth, reproduction and immune system health as well as eyesight) and a host of other powerful health benefits including beautiful skin, cancer prevention, and anti-aging.

GINGER: Has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. It is also a good digestive, reduces muscle pain and increases energy.

TURMERIC: Anti-inflammatory, helps prevent alzheimers, arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular disease,  lowers cholesterol and improves liver function.

CAYENNE: Great for the circulatory system, useful in alleviating allergies, muscle cramp, improving digestion, gives more pep and energy. It brings blood to the surface and allows the toxins to be taken away. Promotes digestion.


BEETROOT: Increases the level of antioxidant enzymes in the body, is rich in fibre & helps reduce blood pressure.

SAGE: Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, improves brain function.


 KALE: Kale has large amounts of Vitamins A, C and K. It also contains minerals such as iron, manganese and potassium, which is good for the heart and kidneys. It is a mineral essential for life, beneficial for lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease and helping prevent strokes. 

ROSEMARY: A herb full of calcium, iron and vitamin B6. Hailed in ancient times for its medicinal properties, rosemary was used to help alleviate muscle pain, improve memory, boost the immune and circulatory system and promote hair growth. Its name is derived from the latin for ‘sea dew’. So romantic!


AVOCADO: Contains at least 20 vitamins and minerals. When combined with other healthy foods, avocados help with the absorption of carotenoids and are also known to convert specific carotenoids into active vitamin A. This has outstanding health benefits.

BANANA: A wonderful source of potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and manganese. An increase in potassium, along with a reduced intake of sodium, is incredibly important for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

 CACAO: Contains natural chemicals called flavonoids, a type of antioxidant compound that promotes general health and lowers the risk of several diseases. There are higher antioxidant levels in cacao than there are in green tea, white tea or red wine.


STRAWBERRY: Full of antioxidants and vitamins C and K. They provide fibre, folic acid, manganese and potassium. Strawberries have been used throughout history to help with digestive ailments, teeth whitening and skin irritations.

AVOCADO: See previous

DATES: Full of vitamins, minerals and fibre, they contain oil, calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese and magnesium. They help prevent abdominal cancer and are especially good for bone health and strength.


APRICOT: Rich in vitamin C and A, potassium, copper and fibre. They contain flavonoids and carotenoids, reducing the risk of heart disease, protecting eyesight, and are anti-inflammatory.

MINT: Mint has the highest antioxidant capacity of any food. It contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C and A. It is anti-inflammatory, is a natural decongestant, eases digestion and is an effective and safe way to treat upset stomach, abdominal pain and IBS.

HONEY: ‘Liquid gold’. Honey is loaded with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, and has been used since early Egyptian times. It is anti-inflammatory and can reduce seasonal allergy symptoms. It is loaded in antioxidants which can help prevent cellular damage. It is good for short term memory, rich in flavonoids, can reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, ulcers and gastroenteritis. The health benefits are numerous.