Our Pumpkin Winter Warmer Recipe

Our Pumpkin Winter Warmer Recipe

Roast Pumpkin with ChicP Chilli Pumpkin Hummus on Sourdough Toast


If you’ve got leftover pumpkin this season, get roasting!

Chop the pumpkin (skin on is fine but you can also peel it if you’d prefer) into chunks.

Place on a roasting tray with a dollop of olive oil and include the pumpkin seeds.

Roast for 45 minutes or until nice and soft. Check half way through roasting that the pumpkin seeds are ready- Take them out and leave to cool.

Chop some sage leaves and add to the roasting tin 10 minutes before the pumpkin is ready to come out the oven.

Meanwhile, get some sourdough toast (it doesn’t have to be fresh if you’re toasting it so this is a great way to use up old bread). Pop in the toaster or oven. When ready, spread the chilli pumpkin hummus over, followed by the roasted pumpkin and sage and topped with the seeds. Add some more olive oil and season.

Delicious! Eat Straight away :)

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