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LDN Date Night

ChicP is delighted to be serving canapés... Imagine loads of hummus and dip with champagne... for LDN Date Night!

LDN Date Night is a new concept bringing you an evening of dining, drinking and dancing in an urban setting. Think of a dinner party for over 100 likeminded individuals followed by a night of club DJs right next door. Add in 4 courses (Think Oppo IceCream...), pre-dinner drinks and canapés (ChicP) all under a railway arch and you have the first LDN Date Night. Our concept is simple: this is the first event of its kind where tickets are sold in pairs. Bring a guy, a girl, a friend, a partner - whoever you want, but this is social interaction at its finest.

So who will your date be?

This is London's Date Night... 

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