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Young Guns 201

ChicP is proud to be holding a stall at the Charity clay competition at West Wycombe Park to raise money for the Francis Crick Institute through Cancer Research UK. 

This will be the biggest biomedical research centre in Europe, set to be a real game changer for medicine. It researches all disease type, and operates under one open roof encouraging a collaborative way of working for the discovery for all major conditions. Anything from cancer to diabetes, with over 1,200 scientists working there.

It is all about sharing knowledge in the belief that multi-disease approach accelerates rate of progress in unravelling roots of disease. (This is how Francis Crick - British scientist - co-discovered the structure of DNA, through collaboration of biologists and physicists, hence, it is named after him).

An amazing Clay Pigeon shoot, lunch, drinks reception and party to follow will be included in this wonderful day. ChicP can't wait to be a part of it!