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ChicP & Rude Health Brunch with Lucy De Roeper Fit
11:00 AM11:00

ChicP & Rude Health Brunch with Lucy De Roeper Fit

We would love you to join us for a fun morning of fitness in Bishops Park followed by a delicious healthy brunch back at the ChicP HQ. 

Fitness will involve a 45 minute session with a variation of strength conditioning, cardio & HITT training excercies with some yoga stretches to finish. This is a great work out and will leave you feeling perfectly hungry in time for the ChicP brunch.

Brunch will include a feast of sweet and savoury goods including both sweet and savoury hummus within the mix and a delcious healthy welcome drink! Rude Health will be there to provide even more breakfasty brunch options including a selection of their organic porridge, muesli and all their dairy free drinks with various toppings to go too.

This will be a great way to detox and feel great again after the Christmas sludge! Social, fun and feel good...

15 tickets only so get in there fast:

Love Hannah and Lucy


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