10 Ways To Reduce Chic P Packaging

Here at ChicP, we are against waste, and that goes for our packaging too! There are lots of great ways that you can reuse our pots and lids, and these are just a few…


  1. Make your own spice rack

If you are a ChicP lover, then you might have a huge stack of pots and no idea what to fill them with. Why not use the pots to create your own spice rack? This is a neat and tidy way to keep your spices together, whilst recycling at the same time. Win, win!


  1. Use the pots to store cosmetics

Sometimes, the best way to ensure your beauty products are natural is to make them yourself. It is super easy to make your own face scrubs, creams and moisturisers; you can actually do this with bits you find in the kitchen! My favourite is a classic oat scrub, which is great for sensitive skin. Blend dry oats and then mix with water to form a paste that you can apply to the skin. Then, once you’ve eaten up all your tasty hummus, you can wash the pots and use them to store your new beauty creation.


  1. Use the lids as coasters

Not only can you reuse the pots, but you can also upcycle the lids! What better way to use the lids than as coasters for your favourite refreshment? You can make the coasters to fit your home décor or wrap them up as the perfect gift for a friend.


  1. Make your own suncatchers

This is a great excuse to get crafty with the kids! After you’ve cleaned off the lids to our hummus pots, the kids are free to be creative and decorate these however they like. When they’re all Sharpied and glittered out, make a small hole in the lid to put string through so your suncatchers are ready to hang. Ta-da!


  1. Make your own pin cushion

If you’re a bit of a whiz with the sewing machine, then I bet your pin box and cushion is your best friend, but have you ever thought about making your own? With our pot as your empty canvas, fill it with pins and create a cushion on the lid with a fabric of your choice!


  1. Make a moneybox

Need somewhere to put all those spare pennies? Look no further! Simply glue the lids onto the pots and cut a slit in the top ready to drop your spare change into. These are perfect for your little ones, who can decorate their own pot ready to get saving!


  1. Reuse pots in the garden

Our pots are very handy for our green-fingered customers! Plastic pots are perfect for seedlings, but don’t forget to make a few holes in the bottom for drainage. Plastic is actually recommended for starter seeds because they make it easy to drain water, but instead of buying plastic pots especially, it is much better for the environment to reuse ones that you already have, and a ChicP pot is perfect for the job!


  1. Make water bowls for your pet

We’ve had lots of ideas on how to involve the family so far… but what about our four-legged friends? Our pots make the perfect water bowls! Just wash out the pots, fill them with water and pop them down for your pets to enjoy. You can also put them in your handbag because they’re light and don’t take up too much room. This means you can carry water for your pets wherever you are, so everyone’s happy!


  1. Make a jewellery box

If you’re fed up with your bracelets, necklaces and earrings getting tangled up in the draw, then look no further. Our round pots are the perfect size to lay your precious items in, keeping them clean and tidy.


  1. Use the pot for more delicious food!

After enjoying some tasty hummus, you may be wondering what yummy treat to fill your pots with next. Our pots are perfect for food storage, whether that is to keep leftovers in the fridge or cupboard to nibble at later, or for you to take snacks to picnics, work or school. Just wash the pots after each use and you can use them again and again!


If you’ve tried out any of these suggestions, or if you have any of your own, we want to hear from you! Tag us in your photos on Instagram @chicpfood so we can see your creations! 


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