We are proud to announce our recent launch in the Channel Islands with all COOP supermarkets. Fun fact: we are in more than 200 COOP stores. Here are some important things to know:
What products are available?
Our four flavours of hummus ( Beetroot & Horseradish, Spinach & Parsley, Velvet, Carrot Ginger & Turmeric) and our new Breadsticks & Hummus Snack Pack.
What should we know about the products?
Our Beetroot & Horseradish and our super smooth Velvet Hummus have won Great Taste Awards. Due to the arrival of summer, we have also seen a rise in popularity on the Spinach & Parsley hummus and the Carrot, Ginger and Turmeric Hummus; all great for summer on the Islands!
Our New Snack Pack
ChicP's new hummus andbreadstick snack pack is the first of its kind (we won the Gold Innovation award at Lunch! Show). It's a great plant-based snack for those looking for a more nutritious, on the go and healthy snack. Also fantastic for children on those long beach days! 
This product is also launching at Wimbledon.. in a slightly different format which we'll keep a secret for now!
If you are planning a holiday to the Channel Islands or are just looking for some new products to try, you know where to find us. 
While we work on our new launches ( top secret, but will be announced soon), we're also re looking at our supply chain and how we can maximise the use of surplus, through current and new suppliers. Our herbs use all surplus at all times and we have some exciting new opportunities we are looking into with beetroot. 
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