Top 10 Tips to Staying Plant-Based in February

Top 10 Tips to Staying Plant-Based in February

  1. Follow Plant-based food accounts on social media - these will provide you with great inspiration and motivation:
  • Follow: #vegan #veganrecipes #veganfood #vegandinner #plant-basedinspiration

  1. Get creative and keep your Plant-based journey exciting 
  • Buy some new cookbooks 
  • Try new foods 
  • Try new restaurants
  • Aim to try 1 new food a week - whether this be a new vegan cheese or simply that you’ve never tried Cavolo Nero before. This should keep your creative juices flowing and it will remind you of the thousands of things you can eat, instead of focusing on the few you can’t.

      Here’s some of our favourite Plant-based cookbooks:

  • Bosh on a Budget
  • Gaz Oakley's Plants Only Kitchen 
  • The Green Roasting Tin
  • Feed Me Vegan
  • Ottolenghi flavour: A Cookbook
  • One Pot Vegan
  • Leon Vegan
  • Jamie Oliver’s Veg: Easy & Delicious

  1. Meal Plan - Don’t do a last minute pop to the shops for dinner as you may find yourself stuck with what to make. Instagram’s save tool allows you to save pictures and recipes to keep you inspired. There are also plenty of pre-made meal plans out there so just hit up Google’s search engine. 

  1. Treat yourself  -  There’s no need to miss out on hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and marshmallows - There are hundreds of recipes for Plant-based versions, that allow you to make great lifestyle decisions without compromising on your favourite foods. 
  • Follow @accidentallyvegan to find out what's fresh on the market or foods that are just simply Plant-based.

  1. Make a list of Plant-based restaurants or cafés you want to try.
  • @littlelondonvegan reviews all the best restaurants in london with Plant-based options. Head to her website to discover places you never thought existed. If you’re feeling in the mood for Chinese or Italian, she's got you covered.


  1. Stock up on Plant-based snacks. We hear that ChicP Hummus with Mister Freed Tortillas is the perfect combination. 

      But we also love:

  • Vego Chocolate
  • Love Oggs
  • Biscoff
  • Doritos Chilli heatwave
  • Love raw
  • Raw Bake Station Cookies
  • Bepps Snacks

  1. Stay signed up to Veganuary - they will keep you inspired and motivated via emails throughout the year. 


  1. Sign up to cooking workshops or join Plant-based groups
  • Learn some new skills at a Cooking workshop or follow cooking blogs such as Le Cordon Bleu and Leiths.
  • Join Vegan forums and groups on social media where you can meet new people who are also on the journey. You can also head to Plant-based restaurants together or send each other recipes for inspiration. 


  1. Learn more about Veganism: 


  1. And finally, remind yourself why you started Veganuary in the first place.
  • Was it for health, the environment, animals or just because you wanted to challenge yourself?
  • Scroll Netflix and find new documentaries such as “eating our way to extinction”. They cover the benefits of Veganuary and will keep you feeling inspired to continue your journey towards a healthier and happier life. 


   And most importantly…. forgive yourself, it's okay if you slip up!         Most people do. Don’t give up! Ease yourself back into the journey     and just remember “slow and steady wins the race!”. 

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